Jewish Studies Students distribute $101,000 in grants for Philanthropy Lab“Students in the first-year seminar, named Values in Action, partnered with the Philanthropy Lab, a national philanthropic organization, to present a combined $101,000 in grant funding to a variety of organizations Monday. President Vincent Price, speaking before the students at the presentation, said that he believes philanthropy is ingrained into the culture at the school.  

“Virtually everything that is done at this University day in and day out—every course like this we teach, every new discovery made, every life that is saved or improved by our health system—is a direct outgrowth of the wonderful philanthropy that sustains this university,” Price said. “We value philanthropy and live by philanthropy in many respects.”

Taught by professor of religious studies Laura Suzanne Lieber and Christy Lohr Sapp, associate dean for religious life at Duke Chapel, the class was the first ever to partner with the Duke Philanthropy Lab. Students were placed in subcommittees of various topics throughout the course of the seminar to decide where to allocate funds.”


December 15, 2017

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