Partner with organizations you worked with in your Philanthropy Lab class to help them apply for MORE grant funding!

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Student Rep Responsibilities

  • Receive grant writing training and support from The Philanthropy Lab for the duration of the program
  • Gain experience in the fundraising and grant writing side of the nonprofit sector
  • Help organizations raise money and increase impact
  • Collaborate with and train alongside other student reps from Universities across the country
  • Get paid for grants written that generate funding for organization(s)
  • Engage in a unique résumé building experience

Develop fundraising skills

Work with your contact at the organization to offer additional manpower for their grant writing efforts


For any grant dollars you win, we will pay you 10% of what was awarded! OR choose a 20% donation that will go back to your organization.

2021-22 Program Stats

  • 18 Philanthropy Lab Alumni
  • $107,000 raised for organizations by students to date


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