The mission of Team Kids is to empower children to change the world! As a nonprofit organization that nurtures and relies upon the passions and leadership of our youth, Team Kids never strays from its motto: €œIt’s all about the kids!€ Their vision is not only about the future. They give young people the opportunity to tackle today’s most critical issues and encourage them to become the next generation of compassionate leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. Through Team Kids’ youth-led, school- and community-based service programs, thousands of participants learn about leadership, teamwork, empathy and making healthy choices for themselves and others in real-world situations. Team Kids programs focus on building positive assets for youth, and also protects against harmful behaviors, such as substance use, gang involvement, and delinquent activity. Bringing together stakeholders from education, government, public safety, and business, they have the potential to secure successful outcomes for our youngest citizens across the nation. Together, our communities can support the healthy development of our kids, encourage youth’s positive efforts and empower America’s future.