La Raza United

La Raza United assists local middle and high schools, judges, probation court staff, and parents in the process of preventing youth failure by delivering complete life skills and leadership programs to at-risk teenagers and young adults The youth programs focus across several broad areas: leadership, antisocial activities, academic performance, attitudes and behaviors, relationships with family, relationships with friends, self-concept, and social and cultural enrichment. La Raza’s vision is to enrich the lives of the community and to empower at-risk youth by providing preventative opportunities. This program grant is for the Seeking Unlimited Careers by Competing Education and Empowerment Development (SUCCEED) program. Through a variety of activities, the program focuses on developing leadership skills of low- to mid-income adolescents in grades 9th-12th, mainly Latino youth. The expected outcome is that the majority of students participating in the program will graduate from high school, with a majority of those graduates enrolling in a post-secondary educational program.