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UniversityCourseStudents Enrolled
UC IrvineWinter 2017Introduction to Civic and Community EngagementDepartments: University StudiesGillian Hayes28 students
UC IrvineWinter 2018Introduction to Civic and Community EngagementDepartments: University StudiesLeah Ersoylu, Victoria Bredow, Jodi Quas16 students
UC IrvineWinter 2019Introduction to Civic and Community EngagementDepartments: University StudiesVictoria Bredow18 students
UC IrvineSpring 2020Philanthropy in the CommunityDepartments: University StudiesVictoria Bredow12 students
UC IrvineSpring 2022Philanthropy in the CommunityDepartments: University StudiesSula X. Klementina13 students

Philanthropy in the Community
Taught by Victoria Bredow
Department of University Studies

Victoria Lowerson Bredow, MPH, Ph.D. is currently the Director of Engaged Scholarship of the Community-based Research Initiative, which she co-founded in 2018, which is located at the Newkirk Center for Science and Society. She is also a lecturer in the Minor in Civic and Community Engagement at the University of California, Irvine and has taught Philanthropy in the Community for 3 years. Victoria’s PhD is in Planning, Policy and Design and she studies issues of community engagement and collaboration in public policy, planning, and research. Specifically, she looks at practices of inclusion and exclusion in pursuit of community building, democratic knowledge production, transformative systems, and social and environmental justice. She has conducted a long-term ethnographic research of a philanthropic driven community change initiative to understand how and why those most impacted by the initiative were included and excluded as well as the impacts of such inclusion and exclusion.

Reflection journals for assigned reading – 1 page memos

Each student required to do a 1 on 1 with professor sometime during week 2 – 6

“Hidden bias” assignment

Guest Speakers

  • Matt Princetta, UCI Director of Development
  • Faton Limani on “Aspirations vs. Ambitions”
  • Regina Sharma, Chief Development Officer, Detroit Justice Center
  • Suzy Patz, Love Out Loud, Creating a mass culture of philanthropy

Required to watch at least 2 guest speakers or videos – video option is the panel from AC

Each team has a “facilitator” and a “recorder”

Each team creates decision making matrix and logic models

Students write the accept/deny letters to orgs

Ambassadors Conference

  • Gives extra credit to anyone who comes up with a recorded pitch for why they want to go to the Ambassadors Conference


Student Testimonials

Prior to taking this course I had always been at the receiving end of philanthropy. I never understood how people could go out of their way to assist my family and me when they essentially got nothing in return. I now know how rewarding it is to give back, even if its in the smallest manner. However, I also know how hard it is to choose the right organization to give back to. There are a lot of them out there and some operate with more integrity than others so it is vital to trust the people you are assisting.

Lexi RomeroUniversity of California, Irvine

This course made me realize that giving away money is far more difficult than I ever would have imagined as I encountered so many impressive nonprofits with inspiring missions that I felt were deserving of philanthropic support. It was very eye opening to research nonprofits in our local county and extremely moving to meet and converse with professionals from each organization. This helped me to refine my analytic and professional skills, to see which organizations align with my values and pragmatically assess which organizations are effective at carrying out positive change. I now better understand how philanthropy requires intentionality and thoughtfulness in making decisions.

Maddie YiUniversity of California, Irvine