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Pepperdine UniversityFall 2017Philanthropy for Social ChangeDepartments: Nonprofit ManagementPeter Thompson13 students

Representatives from the NPOs complete an evaluation of the students that worked with them

Abbreviated Phil Lab/$10 exercise in response to Hurricane Harvey

  • Instead of doing the $10 challenge, students did an abbreviated Philanthropy Lab and got into groups, quickly research organizations supporting those effected in Houston and proposed which organizations to give with specific amounts that they were going to donate.
  • Professor shared this with colleagues and friends in California/Texas. Many of them made personal donations based on the students’ research.

Partner with the Pepperdine Volunteer Center, Nonprofits Leadership Collaborative, and Community Engagement Collaboration to develop list of 60 orgs to consider

Class has midterm and final exam over the material covered in lectures, readings, speakers (most profs do not have exams – they use the final decision-making process as a substitute for a final exam)

Philanthropist of the Week – Professor briefly presents/discusses new philanthropist at beg. of class every week

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September 9, 2020

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