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Baylor UniversityFall 2014Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Civic Education and Community ServiceAndrew Hogue28 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2015Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Civic Education and Community ServiceAndrew Hogue20 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2015Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue21 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2016Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue19 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2017Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue15 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2018Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceCharles McDaniel16 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2018Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue20 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2019Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue16 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2019Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue, Jeremy Vickers, Holly Burchett17 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2020Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceJeremy Vickers, Holly Burchett16 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2021Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceHector Sabido, Cuevas Peacock9 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2023Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Civic Education and Community ServiceAndrew Hogue, Emily Hunt-Hinojosa, Anne Jeffrey26 students
Andy Hogue Headshot

Dr. Andy Hogue serves as Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences and directs the Office of Engaged Learning, which facilitates for students and faculty programs in undergraduate research, civic engagement, global involvement, internships, and major fellowships and awards. Andy teaches courses on a range of public affairs, including philanthropy and civil society, social innovation, and politics, and has served three times as director of the Baylor in Maastricht program.

Andy’s scholarship focuses on how we achieve the public good. He is author of Navigating the Future: Traditioned Innovation for Wilder Seas (with L. Gregory Jones) and Stumping God: Reagan, Carter, and the Invention of a Political Faithand he will soon finish two others titled Modest Proposals for a Better Public Life and Teaching Philanthropy (with Ronald Pitcock). From 2018-2020, Andy served as Senior Project Associate on the Traditioned Innovation Project at Duke University.

Andy earned a BA from Clemson University, an MA and PhD from Baylor, and completed the executive program in design thinking at Stanford.

Emily Hinojosa Photo

Dr. Emily Hinojosa is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Civic Formation and Social Innovation and serves as the Director of Academic Excellence Initiatives in the Office of Engaged Learning. Collaborating closely with communities, her work primarily facilitates high impact academic experiences that integrate academic coursework with the world and enhance student learning beyond the classroom. Emily teaches classes in the Philanthropy and Public Service Program and her scholarly work is focused on the extent to which dominant models of civic and character formation fuel social divisions.

Her recent publications are related to paradigms and postures of civic and moral education, including an article responding to critiques of the New Civics Movement in Teachers College Record and Imagining Structural Stewardship: Lessons from The Highlander Folk School in Christian Faith and University Life: Stewards of the Academy.

Her previous roles have included leading a residential service-learning program at Creighton University, a research fellowship at Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia, a fellowship at the Ormond Center at Duke Divinity School, and serving Prosper Waco as the Director of Research and Community Impact.

She holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology at Baylor University and a Masters in Higher Education and Student Development from Taylor University. Emily is a proud member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.

Anne Jeffrey Photo

Dr. Anne Jeffrey is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University. Her first monograph, God and Morality (Cambridge University Press), explores how differences in theistic views between various lived religions bear on arguments purporting to ground various aspects of morality in God. Her second monograph, Being and Becoming Good (under contract, Oxford University Press), presents and defends a pluralist and empirically sensitive Aristotelian account of human goodnesses and virtues. She has published on topics in moral psychology, political philosophy, metaethics, and philosophy of religion and worked with Dr. Krista Mehari, Marie Chastang, and an urban community in the southern US to develop Empowered, a virtue-promoting intervention for adolescents.

Interdisciplinary course – cross-listed with Philosophy, Sociology, and Philanthropy & Public Service

Grant Making Process

  • Phase 1: students work independently to nominate 4 orgs each (68 total)
  • Phase 2: students narrow to 27 orgs and work in teams of 1-2 (three orgs for each student) to further research/present orgs to Board
  • Phase 3: students narrow to 8 orgs and work in teams of 4-5 (two orgs for each student) to further research/present orgs to Board, write briefing books
  • Phase 4: students reflect on their experience and write an essay using theoretical perspectives from the course

Final Board meeting

  • First session in class
  • Second session later that night – meet as long as it takes to make decisions

Preform a “Project Premortem” – a method that helps teams identify risks at the outset of the course.

The class gives formal presentations at end of each semester to the Solid Gold Neighbor Advisory Council and guests (Magnolia Foundation, Aramark Giving Council. Students write handwritten thank you letters to donors.

Guest Speakers

  • Practitioner Panel – Cooper Foundation


Latest News

January 20, 2022

Seven Community Nonprofits Receive $79,500 in Total Grants Through Baylor’s Philanthropy and the Public Good Class

November 15, 2021

Philanthropy course attempts to burst the Baylor bubble

January 20, 2021

Seven Community Nonprofits Receive $90,000 in Grants Through Baylor’s Philanthropy and the Public Good Class

Student Testimonials

This course helped to differentiate charity and philanthropy in my mind. Initially, I understood philanthropy to be a non-sustainable, charitable gift that helped temporarily; however, I now understand that great philanthropy leads to sustainable life transformation.

Jack SteadmanBaylor University

The lessons learned through this course go beyond academics and into the arenas of morality, ethics, and religion. I am honored to have been a part of this endeavor and I hope that many after me have the chance to take this course as well.

Audrey MirasolaBaylor University

My view on generosity has changed because of this course, and I now know I’ll be a better steward of my time, talent, and treasure moving forward. This is one of the only classes I’ve had at Baylor that I can confidently say has changed me as a person. Thank you for making that possible.

Jordan GriffinBaylor University

Our class learned so much about how important it is to give to those less fortunate than us, communicating respectfully in a board setting, and determining how to do the most good with what we have been blessed with, all while looking deeper into what it takes to make a non-profit organization successful. I am so honored for this experience, and I thank you so much for your generosity in allowing us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Bailey HavisBaylor University

My own philanthropic outlook has been challenged and strengthened through this course, and I look forward to watching Baylor and Waco continue to be made better as I did the same.

Corryn SloanBaylor University

Personally I have discovered how much I have to offer and what an impact that I can make on my community.

Ben LeBlancBaylor University

From researching non-profits in Waco to visiting them in person, I gained a new understanding about the world of non-profits and the incredible work being done in Waco to serve the people in our city.

Kiersten AalfsBaylor University