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Diary of a Budding Philanthropist

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Grant Map

Click below to view all grants awarded by students in Philanthropy Lab courses since 2010.

Giving Goals

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have called for the most affluent people in the world to demonstrate philanthropic leadership by committing to give away a large amount of their wealth to charitable causes. Many of these high net worth individuals and couples make their pledges public in order to inspire others’ personal giving commitments. As college students who have not yet embarked upon a career, now is the time to thoughtfully consider your own philanthropic ideals in a Giving Goal.

Grant Evaluations

Through the evaluation of past grants, we hope students further challenge their assumptions about giving, thoughtfully reflect on their grant-making decisions and initial goals for providing the grants, and contribute to future students’ learning.

What People Are Saying

I learned that engaging in philanthropy is not exclusive to the wealthy or powerful. Impacting a community, whether local or international, begins with the individual drive to partake in collective change.

Ximena De La CruzUniversity of Texas

I've realized through this course that philanthropy is more than just giving, it is a lifestyle. To be philanthropic provides an opportunity to make a real difference in the community , and help others in a variety of meaningful areas.

Bryce AlversonTexas A&M University

I think this course really opened my eyes to the complexity and broad nature of philanthropy. This course allowed me to explore these characteristics and engage in critical thought to form my own understanding not just of what philanthropy is but what it should be and what it is capable of accomplishing.

Olivia Jhai KimVanderbilt University

This course has straightened my drive to support new initiatives that are formed by people who have persevered in-spite of their circumstances to start an organization to help people with similar issues.

Isaac ScottColumbia University

This helped me to refine my analytic and professional skills, to see which organizations align with my values and pragmatically assess which organizations are effective at carrying out positive change. I now better understand how philanthropy requires intentionality and thoughtfulness in making decisions.

Maddie YiUC Irvine