August 2, 2023

College is full of opportunities to learn about making money, but there are few classes that will teach how to share wealth effectively and strategically. Join us this fall for a transformational experience as we steward and grant money through funding provided by the Philanthropy Lab to Arkansas charities that are making a difference.

Students will get an historical perspective on philanthropy and gain practical knowledge by granting up to $50,000 to local non-profit organizations that they will research and select based on personal values and research metrics.

Learn how donors decide what makes for good giving and how nonprofits attract donors. This unique course allows U of A students to award grants to good causes.

Course numbers include SEVI 4103, SEVI 4103H, HUMN 425v (three hours), HUMN 425vH (three hours) and SCWK 505v (three hours).

This exciting course has been offered at UT Austin, Vanderbilt, Tulane, Harvard, Stanford, UWashington, WashingtonU, University of Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Baylor, Abilene Christian University, TCU, Duke and many other schools. See the Philanthropy Lab website for a full list of university partners and information about the course elsewhere.

For more information, contact professors Daniel Levine at and Rogelio Garcia Contreras at

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