TCU Gives Day is an annual day of giving where the university challenges students, alums, families, and friends to donate to TCU. This year the University raised 1.4 Million dollars in 24 hours. 

Ron Pitcock, Dean of the John V. Roach Honors College and professor of the Nature of Giving/Giving and Philanthropy course at TCU, sent alumni of the course a video message encouraging them to donate. 


“As students, we worked as a foundation to distribute money in the Giving and Philanthropy course. Now as alumni, we can ensure that the John V. Roach Honors College receives a $100,000 challenge grant to continue to offer innovative courses like the Nature of Giving. Can we count on you?”

Giving Video

Thanks to the efforts of former students and other generous donors, the Honors College exceeded its goal with 222 individual donors. In the philanthropy course, students learn how to make tough decisions to allocate thousands of dollars. In this promo video, Pitcock says “[Students] learn what it takes to be a valuable citizen and how to take those lessons and apply them to life.” Courses on philanthropy at universities teach students how to change their communities and how to change the world.

TCU Gives Day presents an annual opportunity for former students to give directly to the philanthropy course they took in college, or to other areas in the school. Graduates of philanthropy courses can take the real-world experience with them as they consider how they would like to allocate their time, money, or talents.

The Philanthropy Lab strives the increase the prevalence and priority of philanthropy education in higher education. Igniting students’ interest and participation in philanthropy not only helps the nonprofits the students choose to fund, but it also cultivates giving practices for future donors!