Madelyn Alfano, owner of Maria’s Italian Kitchen and a founding Shane’s Inspiration former Board Member and current Corporate Advisory Board Member, introduced our organization to an incredible course, the UCLA Disability Studies Philanthropy Class.

We were represented in this program by two fabulous and committed students: Chelsea Saurer and Nasim Andrews. The twenty students from the course interviewed 10 non-profits and presented them to their classmates. The students then voted on how much of a $100,000 grant they would award to each non-profit.

We are grateful to announce that on Tuesday night, Shane’s Inspiration was awarded $25,000 to further our mission!

Thank you to the sponsors of The Philanthropy Lab at UCLA: Once Upon A Time Foundation, Monica Salinas, Don Shepherd, and Women & Philanthropy at UCLA for their generous support of this unique and impactful lab class!

Their impact extends so far beyond this week. UCLA and the Once Upon A Time Foundation is paying it forward by teaching college students to be philanthropists by donating to 15 universities across the U.S. They started giving $100,000 to UCLA 5 years ago. As it expands to other campuses, UCLA is securing additional donors to supplement the grant awards.

The next fabulous news: students Anna Nordstrom and Ania Nazarian of UCLA’s Disability Studies Philanthropy Class will be representing Shane’s Inspiration at a national meeting of the 15 university labs at the end of this month in Dallas, where an additional $100,000 will be awarded to a few select charities by the Once Upon A Time Foundation.

We are inspired by the impact that this course is making not only on the students enrolled, but by the charities served. #InclusionMatters


Shane’s Marci Moran and Tiffany Harris with our Advisory Board Member Madelyn Alfano and UCLA students Nasim Andrews and Chelsea Saurer. — with Marci Moran, Madelyn Alfano, Tiffany Harris, Chelsea Saurer and Nasim Andrews at UCLA.


Nasim Andrews and Chelsea Saurer are the two UCLA students who researched and presented Shane’s Inspiration to their classmates. They were brilliant and passionate! — with Chelsea Saurer and Nasim Andrewsat UCLA.


UCLA’s Chancellor Gene Block with Judith Smith Emerita Dean & Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education and Kyle McJunkin (the awesome instructor of the Philanthropy Class) with other UCLA Faculty. — at UCLA.


UCLA Disability Studies 171 Philanthropy Classmates with Chancellor Block. This group of students selected Shane’s Inspiration as the charity they will present at the national meeting of all 15 participants in The Philanthropy Lab in Dallas later this month. Once Upon a Time Foundation will give an additional $100k to a few select charities. #Lucky — with Nasim Andrews, Anna Nordstrom and Chelsea Saurer at UCLA.



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