Wednesday night, the Strategic Philanthropy class of Mays Business school awarded $72,000 in grants.

The grants were given to 5 local non-profit groups: Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach, The Bee Community, Save Our Streets Ministries, CASA and Still Creek Ranch.

The Bush Library Foundation, The Philanthropy Lab and John and Debbie Bethancourt are sponsors for the class.

This semester, $50,000 of the grants came from the Bush Library Foundation. For the past two years, the foundation has partnered with the class. This year, given the timing, it was that much more special.

Kyle Gammenthaler is the instructor and coordinator for the class. He says it gives students a chance to mirror and honor President Bush’s legacy of service.

“Us being able to give back and serve, that was a big piece of his life and his approach to engaging with people around him. These students have an opportunity to do that, and we’re just really thankful to be able to have a small piece in that, in his name and in his honor,” said Gammenthaler.

After the spring semester, the class will have given out $500,000 in grants to local non-profits.



December 5, 2018

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